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Commercial Litigation Services

November 06, 2014
Want justice without paying for it all up-front or by the hour? Are your debtors in another state or country? LIG partners with more than 2000 contingent Attorneys nationwide to help get your justice served. If our collection efforts deem an account uncollectible and your accounts need legal action to secure funds, LIG will work with its network of Attorneys to get you the best contingency rates and the lowest filing fees in the industry. Have you ever tried to get a status update from your Attorney? It may take weeks or even months to get a report on your legal claims. LIG has the ability to provide updates on all legal claims online in real-time or you may call your LIG representative anytime to find out the status of your claims. More Information

Asset & Liability Exploration

November 05, 2014
Knowledge of your debtors Assets can be very important. Attorney's fees can add up when it comes to gathering Asset information. Getting the information for your case could take up to 3 months. Our Asset and Liability Exploration is fast, and we do not charge for discovering basic Assets and Liability while the accounts are in collection or getting prepared for a lawsuit. More Information

Diplomatic Compromise Solutions

November 04, 2014
Reluctant to place accounts for collections? Our Diplomatic means to collect money help save relationships not ruin them. In most cases your claims may need financing or help collecting their own receivables. We will go out of our way to make sure your accounts get the attention they desire, so you get your money and save a client. More Information

Credit Risk Ratio

November 03, 2014
Deciding whether or not to place an account for collections could not get any easier. Placing an account related to our Credit Risk Ratios will allow you to make the right decision with your accounts every time. The Credit Risk Ratio is gathered from many different debtor databases. We'll give you a risk calculation that will help you understand your debtor's financial situation. Knowledge is power, so why not know what your debtor is up to before placing the account for collections. Ask a recovery specialist to run a free credit risk ratio on any debtor today. More Information

Commercial Debt Recovery

November 02, 2014
Issuing credit might help businesses stay competitive, but not being able to collect the receivables that come with credit granting can be detrimental. With bankruptcy, businesses shutting their doors, corporate reorganizations and corporate shell games on the rise in the U.S, credit grantors are forced to find collection methods outside their in-house efforts much sooner. Our commercial collection programs are designed to collect money quick and put you at the top of the priority list for a change. We have over 32 years of collection experience in nationwide and international markets. Our ability to work accounts immediately after placement, give you the best chance for successful collections and avoiding litigation. More Information

Pre-Litigation Intervention

November 01, 2014
Legal Investigations Group has a program that is designed for businesses that would normally sue delinquent or disputed accounts using Attorneys. Giving your accounts to traditional collection agency's or attorneys can take months to get resolution. We would like for you to try our approach first and if there is no anticipated resolution in place within 5 days it's time to go to court. Through our 5 day litigation program, you will receive responses and capital in a matter of minutes and days not months or years. More Information

Face-To-Face Commercial 5 Day Debt Recovery

October 31, 2014
The traditional collection agency will just write letters and make phone calls to collect your money. We realize that sometimes you need an ice breaker or a breakthrough when it comes to some accounts that just will not pay. We have the ability to send out infield collectors and private investigators, they will go straight to the door of your debtor nationwide or internationally and pick up your money in as little as 5 days on a No Collection No Charge basis. If we can not get your money collected or have anticipated resolution in place that fast, we will close the account and report our findings to you for free. More Information

Nationwide & International Collections

October 30, 2014
Legal Investigations Group LIG specializes in worldwide debt recovery services. With economic changes at an all time high, companies may look to find business outside the continental United States. In doing so, companies face the possible challenges of international collection issues. Our collections experience has produced over a 90% recovery ratio collecting monies in over 72 different countries. International litigation can get very expensive. With that said, LIG will work your international accounts at no cost unless we collect. Let our specialized international teams collect your money today before it is too late. Email us today for our lowest international contingency rates More Information

5 Day Debt Recovery

October 29, 2014
Legal Investigations Group specializes in  5 day debt recovery.  Who do you have you want your money from?

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